Congratulations — the StrikeX upgrade is complete and $STRX is now live. You can now add the address to your wallet or buy the token from PancakeSwap.
Tap to copy, then paste code into your wallet
With a partnership and big news ready to be announced, we begin our journey with the relaunch of StrikeCoin, as StrikeX — our upgraded, bespoke and Certik-certified token.
Please make sure to AMA, read our press release, and take a look through our FAQs to understand why we upgraded to StrikeX. If you have any further questions, please Join our Discord or Telegram where ourselves and our team will be happy to help.
How to buy $STRX
frequently asked questions about the automatic upgrade to StrikeX
  • What is TradeStrike?

    TradeStrike Ltd. is a financial technology company that builds blockchain-based solutions to enable anyone, anywhere, the ability to invest as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Headquartered in London, England, it was founded in April 2021 by Joe Jowett and Kishan Vadgama, and is an official UK-registered limited company.

  • What is StrikeX and why are we relaunching?

    StrikeX ($STRX) is the evolution of StrikeCoin ($STRIKE), and the next level of our journey.

    Whilst TradeStrike Lite; our CertikShield-integrated DeFi Exchange was undergoing development, we began crafting a unique token to launch alongside it — that is smarter, more secure, and more versatile than ever. Audited by the industry-leading security pioneer; Certik, StrikeX has been built as an upgrade to its predecessor, with bespoke and unique timed tokenomics designed to facilitate our growth over a period of the next 9 months, in preparation for the launch of our flagship product — TradeStrike; the tokenised multi-asset trading platform.

    Monitored 24/7 by Skynet; a 24/7 security intelligence engine, StrikeX has unique features that will not only expedite the growth of the company, but will ensure that sales can be utilised toward marketing and development, which in turn will help to increase volume through product upgrades and brand awareness.

  • What are the new tokenomics included in StrikeX?

    StrikeX contains temporary tokenomics in the form of a tactical 3% selling tax, and a safeguarding 0.5% anti-dump feature that will expire in 9 months, as our flagship product; TradeStrike, prepares for its launch.

  • Where does the 3% selling tax go?

    The 3% selling tax is sent as BNB and split between three wallets;

    1.5% to the StrikeX liquidity pool
    The addition of an auto-liquidity top up tax on every sale will build toward increasing the size of our liquidity pool, providing more price stability – something necessary for larger and more frequent transactions that we expect to occur as we grow exponentially over the next few months and beyond.

    1% to StrikeX marketing
    A marketing tax will provide the funds to implement a purposeful marketing strategy that consists of carefully targeted press, exchange listings to build our audience in the US and Asia, as well as product upgrades to support the community and our infrastructure.

    0.5% to buy-back and burn
    A buy-back tax will allow the team to purchase coins from the market and burn them, reducing the supply, and therefore increasing the demand and price of the StrikeX token.

  • What is the anti-dump feature?

    The anti-dump feature is to minimise market manipulation by restricting the sale of tokens to a maximum limit of 0.5% of the StrikeX supply over a 24-hour period. Whilst this still allows for large sales from a single wallet per day, it does prevent any catastrophic sell-offs. Same as the other timed tokenomics — this feature will be turned off after 9 months to accomodate the launch of our TradeStrike platform.

  • Why have a 3% selling tax for 9 months?

    The timeframe between now and the TradeStrike platfrom launch provides us with enough time to accrue the benefits that the temporary tokenomics can bring. However, all tokenomics for StrikeX MUST be removed before the 9 month time period in order for StrikeX to serve as the native currency of TradeStrike.

  • What is stopping you raising the tax higher at a later date?

    Our Taxation clause is impossible to alter. It can only ever be turned on (3%) or off (0%) , and after the temporary 9 month period, we will never turn it on again, in order to integrate an absolutely clean token onto our platform.

  • Will this tax affect purchases?

    No, the tax is for sells only — buys will continue to be free of any taxation whatsoever.

  • Do I need to do anything?

    Holders of the original StrikeCoin ($STRIKE) need to copy and paste the new StrikeX contract address to their crypto wallets in order to activate visibility. Within 24 hours of the launch of StrikeX ($STRX), the new token will automatically be airdropped to all holders that have continued to purchase $STRIKE until the cut-off time of 5PM BST on Thursday 14th October 2021. A snapshot will be taken prior to the upgrade to ensure that all holders are automatically airdropped the equivalent amount of StrikeX tokens to their wallets. Please ensure all family and friends are aware that they need to add the new StrikeX contract address in order to be able to see the tokens.

  • When will StrikeX go live?

    Once all holders of the predecessor token are airdropped StrikeX, we will officially launch with full liquidity at 6PM (BST) Friday 15th October — at the same price. The value of your StrikeX tokens will go live at the same value it was prior to the upgrade.

  • Will this affect my investment value, what price will StrikeX launch at?

    No, your investment value will remain the same as prior to the upgrade. A snapshot of the StrikeCoin price has been recorded moments before the relaunch reveal to ensure a garuanteed minimum launch price, and this will ensure that your holdings do not reduce in value as a result of this upgrade.

    StrikeX will launch at the best possible price-point for our community.

  • Where can I buy StrikeX?

    StrikeX will be available to buy via Pancakeswap V2 upon launch.

  • Will StrikeX have more liquidity than StrikeCoin?

    Yes, as well as the funds transferred from the old StrikeCoin pool into the new StrikeX pool, we as a business have raised roughly an additional $500,000 to add to the new StrikeX liquidity pool. We intend to use these funds to safeguard the community, and inch toward reducing volatility caused by price impact.

  • Can I still sell my old StrikeCoins, and what happens if I sell before launch?

    Yes, you can continue to buy and sell the original StrikeCoin up until 5pm (GMT) Thursday 14th October. If you sell out of your holdings before 5pm (GMT) Thursday 14th October, you will not be airdropped the new StrikeX token, and TradeStrike Ltd. is not responsible should you buy back into the project at a higher price point.

  • What do I have to do if I am holding on a ledger/cold wallet?

    Investors holding their Strikecoins on a ledger (cold wallet) must make sure to transfer your coins to a hot wallet such as; Trust Wallet or MetaMask, BEFORE 5pm (BST) so you can be airdropped your new StrikeX tokens.

  • How will you know how many coins to send me?

    At 5pm (GMT) Thursday 14th October, a snapshot of all existing StrikeCoin holders will be downloaded from The snapshot is a .CSV file containing all wallet addresses, as well as the number of StrikeCoins each wallet contains. This file will be used to automatically send StrikeX tokens as a 1:1 replacement to the correct wallets and the process should complete within a period of 24 hours.

  • Has the new contract been audited?

    Yes, we are thrilled to say that our new StrikeX contract has passed an extensive audit with Certik; the industry leaders in security . In addition, StrikeX is also covered by CertikShield; a service to insure and protect users in the eventuality that there is a breach in the contract which compromises the community.

  • Will the supply remain the same?

    Yes, the new StrikeX token shares the exact same supply as StrikeCoin, and this includes burns.

  • Is liquidity locked?

    100% of liquidity is locked for 2 years, upon which time we’ll reasess the lock. Our long-term vision for the company is to create an end-to-end financial ecosystem built on blockchain with a native currency with the most wide-spreading, and efficient utility in the crypto space. As such, we will be looking to create our own native StrikeX blockchain in the future, requiring a window to review the possibility of taking this leap toward the next level for the business.

  • Are project wallets known to the public?

    Yes, all wallets associated with the company are public knowledge.

  • What happens to the original StrikeCoin’s liquidity.

    Liquidity is locked in the old Strikecoin pool, so it will not be drained. To remove BNB from the old pool, we’ll deposit the old tokens and transfer funds directly into the new pool.

  • What happens to my old StrikeCoins?

    After the completion of the relaunch, all value from StrikeCoin will have been transferred to StrikeX. You can either leave your old StrikeCoins in your wallet as a memento, or send them to a burn address.

  • Is StrikeX officially the first CryptoCurrency to be sent into space?

    Yes, StrikeX beat Elon and the doggy coin in the race to space. Suck it.