Our Vision

Nasdaq, ASX, the New York Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Deutsche Bourse, and India’s Securities Exchange Board, among others, have either started to use blockchain technology for some of their transactions or have appointed commissions to study the feasibility of using blockchain in the future. We want to ensure that the public-powered brokerage is there first.

Ultra Fast
Secure Transactions

Allowing for trades to be
executed in milliseconds.

Highly Scalable
Limitless Users

No more downtime as soon
as the exchanges open due to
‘un-precedented demand’.

Reliable & Transparent
Reduction in Fees

Seamless blockchain technology implementation resulting in reduction of friction and lower fees.

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What is $STRIKE

We’re building a platform
that will have no human intervention.

$STRIKE is aiming to revolutionise the future of equities trading, crypto & NFTs.

We have all witnessed how brokerages across the US, Europe and Australia have acted in restricting buys of certain equities, which in turn has resulted in significant losses for the retail trader.

Our vision is to create and build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use launchpad for trading equities based on a unified private blockchain ecosystem; allowing retail traders to control their own fate through a platform that is truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

How to purchase StrikeCoin

Each investor gets us one step closer

IMPORTANT: Whether in Metamask or Trust Wallet, it’s vital you tap on the ‘cog wheel’ and set slippage to 0.05% and increase in increments until accepted  (this is to avoid the trading bots).

UPDATE: Issue seeing coins? Anyone that has issues with TrustWallet not showing their StrikeCoins, make sure you copy and paste our token address in the contract address bar and make sure decimals are set to 3 (not 18).

  • Token Symbol STRIKE
  • Total Supply 900,000,000
  • Token Price 0.00000002BNB
  • Programme Wallet 39%
  • Max circulating supply 600,000,000

Watch the Metamask tutorial here   |   Watch the Trust Wallet tutorial here

  1. Buy BNB through Binance and setup Trust Wallet
  2. In Trust Wallet, tap on ‘Receive’. Then copy / paste your personal address into Binance and send the BNB (this can take a short while)
  3. Once it arrives to Trust Wallet, select the BNB, tap on “More” and “Swap to Smartchain”
  4. – iPhone Users

    Open the browser on your phone, paste ‘‘ into the address bar. Click ‘Connect’. On the pop-up select ‘WalletConnect’ and then on the second pop-up; ‘TrustWallet’. You are now connected to PancakeSwap.

    – Android Users

    On Trust Wallet, tap ‘Browser’ in the menu & look for Pancake Swap. ‘Connect’ it to your wallet.

  5. Select the amount of BSC you want to convert. Tap ‘Select Currency’ and paste in the StrikeCoin address: 0xbe2a26889ce30a1515055a192797083b1fde8844 , then ‘Import’.
  6. Tap on the ‘cog wheel’ and set slippage to 0.5% and increase until accepted (this is to avoid the trading bots).
  7. Press the ‘swap’ button and you’ll have STRIKE coins in your account (there will be a delay in the coins appearing in your wallet).
Thank you for your help

Security Audit Passed. No vulnerabilities detected.

TradeStrikeTM is community-driven, and so we feel it’s our duty to ensure that our community feels safe and reassured – and thanks to your kind help, we were able to raise $2000 for our Smart Contract Audit fund within 48 hours and have the results back within the week.

Solidity Finance is a smart contract auditing service, and through their audits, they are part of protecting over $700m in on-chain value across more than 150+ projects.

The Audit Process:
– Manual line-by-line code review
– Simulation of hundreds of thousands of interactions
– Consultation with a team to implement recommendations and highlight any risks

Meet The Team

Core team

The Strike Team combines a passion for trading, equities and crypto alongside strong fundamentals in commerce and compliance.
Joe Jowett
Co-Founder, CEO

With an impressive background in Engineering, Joe is serving as the CEO & Lead Developer for both TradeStrikeTM & StrikeCoinTM projects. An avid trading enthusiast, Joe also masterminds a specialist Discord community by the name of TickerToutsTM that boasts a staggering 1300+ active trading members since its inception in January 2021.

Kishan Vadgama
Co-Founder, CCO

Kishan brings over 11+ years of industry experience in Design & Branding, with a specialist focus in startup business operations. His career is built on liaising with teams across the board and gathering back-end data for analysis & leveraging it to increase front-line performance. He loves to create things that people love, and love to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders?

We’re Jo (Forgone) & Kishan (K!SH), we’re just like you. We’re simply traders that are tired of waiting for a better platform to be available to us. Over the past few months, we’ve seen trading companies behave in an unethical way, and so, we want to create a platform that treats retail investors fairly.

We want to provide a platform that;

– Eliminates hidden fees that are disguised as spread
– Doesn’t unlawfully restrict stocks
– Has modern and comprehensive tools that are fit for purpose
– Enables users to trade stocks and crypto on a single platform

To achieve this, we launched a coin by the name of $STRIKE to help fund the project, and amazingly, within a matter of days, we already have;

– Over 3100+ holders
– Smashed through $2000 in donations for our Audit in 48 hours
– Achieved listings on CoinMarketCap, Coinbase and BlockFolio – all in 24 hours.

In addition, we’re awaiting a response from CoinGecko, and we’ve also been offered a deal to be listed with Whitebit; which in itself will come with a huge marketing push as part of the fee to go live with them.


How can we trust you?

We’re a real team that’s weathered the storm, and we unwaveringly believe we have the opportunity and ability to bridge a large gap in the market. Between us, we hold a varied skill-set that will enable us to stabilise the launch of the coin, whilst we assemble and direct a team to aid us in creating our envisioned dream platform.

We’re not hidden, our credibility is on the line, and our details and photos can be found on our website. For the past year, we’ve run a successful discord of over 1200+ traders prior to launching this project, and we’ve gained credibility within the community.

The $STRIKE Coin

STRIKE has a purpose and a responsibility. The coin will help fund the development of the project and succeed in delivering us as a legitimate business, but its future is in utilisation with our TradeStrike platform.

Our goal is to materialise a platform that the average person like you and we deserve – the more you HODL, the closer we get to being able to make it a reality.

Technical Things & Helpful Links

Where can I view the coin chart?
The PooCoin chart can be found here
The DexGuru chart can be found here

Where are you listed?
We’re on CoinMarketCap
We’re on Coinbase
– We’re on BlockFolio

Where can I view the holders?
The Token Tracker can be found here


Do you have a Whitepaper?
Yes, you can find it here.


Are you audited?
We smashed through the donations to have ourselves audited via Solidity Finance, you can read the full article here. We passed the audit with flying colours, you can read more on this here.


Is it too late to buy $STRIKE?
We’ve only just begun! We’ve assembled the core team and are on our way to establishing the next step of the roadmap! There is a huge and exciting journey ahead of us yet 🙂


Who are the whales & is the liquidity locked?
We’ve made the dev wallets public and locked 73.4% liquidity – here’s the proof. Besides this, it isn’t possible to identify holders and we have no control over who buys or sells the coin.


What’s with the stupid trading bots?
Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to control trading bots, they’ve been programmed by idiots that think it makes sense to place 4-figure trades for $20 profits. Like with all coins and stocks, this should be less of an issue as the price heads up. Though they’re causing dips – it’s worth noting that as long as the investors hold firm (as they are), we will be able to deliver as a business.

You can circumvent these bots by using a very low slippage when purchasing your STRIKE coins. Tap on the ‘cog’ icon and set slippage to 0.1% and gradually increase until the transaction is allowed to be pushed through. Please see our ‘How To Buy’ section for more detailed instructions.


Which are the dev/admin wallets and what are they being used for?
The top holders are the dev wallets, and we’ve been using STRIKE coins to pay to grow the business through marketing & development tools. As a commitment to the business, the coins will only be used for the sole purpose of growth. Both, Jo (Forgone) and K!SH (Kishan) will not be selling a single coin for personal use.


Road Map

Our team is working hard to deliver our vision of a fair and impartial platform for trading.

2021 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2021 Q2
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper validation
2021 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2021 Q4
Build Relationships with Exchanges
  • List $Strike on Whitebit & other major exchanges
2022 Q1
Introduce Crypto / NFT Exchange
  • In-house testing of functionality
  • Prototypes published and linked to BSC blockchain with real-time scanning
2022 Q1
  • Accreditation with FCA
  • Accreditation with SEC
2022 Q2
BETA Launch
  • Private closed beta
  • Open beta launched to public and improvement the app
2022 Q3
  • Public Launch
2022 Q3
Develop Community Benefits
  • Establishing global user base
Latest News


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Audit Passed. 140M additional coins locked.

No vulnerabilities were detected We’re proud to announce that as of 8.15pm GMT on Wednesday 21st...

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A note to our investors.

We recently launched a private share offering of a total of 5% of the company’s...

  • April 16, 2021
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STRIKE — now on Blockfolio!

We just don’t stop… we’re now listed on Blockfolio. As if it wasn’t an achievement...


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