A note to our investors.

We recently launched a private share offering of a total of 5% of the company’s equity. 500,000 shares at £0.20 are available for public purchase — giving TradeStrike Ltd a current valuation of £2M. After careful consideration and feedback from investors, we have decided to reduce the cost of each
share by 50% to £0.10. This will give an updated valuation of £1M. All shareholders that purchased shares at the original price will receive twice the shares they were originally allocated at no extra cost.

Updated expression of interest form: https://forms.gle/yrdvpSqBqfijFELe6


The sector we’re operating in is not traditional, it’s untapped territory that is expected to see hyper-growth within the coming years. The current market cap of the currency that underpins our future platform (STRIKE) has a current real-world market cap of over £2.5M, and the price of the coin does
impact our valuation of the TradeStrike company and vice versa.


We’re moving through uncharted waters in a market with extremely high potential. There are notable BCS coins with little-to-no concept of future use that have accrued $1B in market cap and have sought to raise capital through fundraising on the goodwill of their coin holders and through the sale of
their own coins.

We, as a community, have managed to raise $2K to pay for an external audit, which will bring our project forward to the next level by being externally verified. Whilst community fundraising is a great tool to utilise, it cannot be relied on as the sole means of fundraising. Removing the pressure to sell
StrikeCoins to raise capital in order to grow the business has been the main driver in the opening of a private share offer.

We feel that offering the community a future stake in the company, rather than relying on their charity, is the best way to move this project forward. In addition to making them partners in the company, this enables us to further protect our investors by ensuring that the coin price is not affected in an already volatile market.

Private Offering.

Staking a position in a private company at a stage this early is buying into the vision and future success of the TradeStrike platform, and it’s vastly different from buying cryptocurrency, stocks, and other publicly tradable assets. We’re holding funds raised from the share offering until it is fully subscribed or closed. If the appetite is not there for private investment in the company, we will close the offering early and explore other avenues for growth.

Whilst many people will prefer to hold the StrikeCoin as a means of investing in our project, to date; in only 2 days, we have an electrifying expression of interest registered to allocate over half of the shares on offer.

What are we raising funds for?

The growth and development of any company is simply not possible without fundraising. Having launched our coin and stabilised its price after a turbulent week, we’ve managed to get to this stage at a cost to ourselves but moving onto the next stage is not possible without further capital. All funds
raised through the share offer and any other means of fundraising will be spent solely on both the development of the platform and the progression of the coin. As we have said from the start, we’re a community-driven project and will discuss all large expenditures with the community and make it our
priority to listen to what the community wants in terms of progression.


We’re aware there is an appetite to host an AMA with our community to answer any questions. We have had to push back on this in the early days due to a changing team and an overriding need to stabilise the StrikeCoin. We felt updating our Whitepaper, passing an audit, and listing on recognised
exchanges had to take priority above anything else.

Experience & recruitment.

We understand the questions being asked about our personal experience in this sector. Whilst I and Kish both have our own set of skills, it would be naive for us to claim we can complete this journey alone. Every day we receive requests from people interested in working with us on our vision, rest
assured all these offers are being considered and we are slowly growing a highly skilled and diverse team. Given the turbulence of the first week of the StrikeCoin launch, we felt it was only right we held off making any official recruitment announcements until the time was right to do so.

Platform Development.

As we have stressed on many occasions, we are a tech start-up in its infancy, announcements of progress with the platform will be posted at the earliest opportunity we feel it is right to do so. The project we are embarking on requires working with several external companies and we have approached a number of them to see if they meet our requirements. We are only in our third week and announcing any of these potential partnerships would be disingenuous to both our investors and the companies themselves. We remain flexible in our ways of business and at this stage, nothing is set in stone.


We have been asked whether we are worried about competitors. The short answer to this is no. Blockchain technology, although not new, has failed to find a footing in real-world use until now. Tokenization of assets is a genuinely exciting development in blockchain technology and has drawn the attention of a lot of companies and investors. We feel having competitors all racing towards similar goals is encouraging. It shows the level of excitement and potential in our vision and makes us even more determined to be amongst the first companies offering the trading of non-blockchain and blockchain assets in one place. As investors/users ourselves, we also have a first-hand understanding of the target audience and the disadvantages and limitations of our competitors. We’re building the platform that we ourselves would
wish to use and intend to utilise the weaknesses of our competitors in becoming our strength. As such, our prime focus for the success of TradeStrike will be in development, ease-of-use design, and responsive tech support.


We understand the demand for updates and daily PR due to the nature of the market we are working in. Whilst we continue to work on promotion and marketing, we feel it is best to plan everything we do meticulously and only make announcements with substance. We are not creating a hype coin without a purpose; we are creating a business and a utility token that intends to have a use for years to come.

Thank you,

Joe Jowett (Forgone13)
CEO and Co-Founder.