Why aren’t bigger companies already doing what you are doing?

Established businesses have already begun offering tokenised assets on their platforms as bolt-on features through the discovery that the digitisation of assets (tokenisation) holds the key to the future of investing.

Crypto exchanges have historically been built by tech experts that do not understand how to connect with people. The proof of this is in the fact that the vast majority of crypto exchanges look and function exactly the same, with plenty of blinking numbers, a confusing user experience and unintuitive performance. On the opposite side of the spectrum, trading platforms have long been outdated, clunky, and restricted ecosystems with the inability to adapt to the changing climates. To play catch-up would require a severe overhaul to their entire infrastructure, which would be a very costly process in both capital and time.

TradeStrike has the upper hand, as it is being built with the best of both worlds; the familiarity and simplicity of the best trading platforms available, with the technology of a crypto exchange sitting comfortably under the hood.