Where does the 3% selling tax go?

The 3% selling tax is sent as BNB and split between three wallets;

1.5% to the StrikeX liquidity pool
The addition of an auto-liquidity top up tax on every sale will build toward increasing the size of our liquidity pool, providing more price stability – something necessary for larger and more frequent transactions that we expect to occur as we grow exponentially over the next few months and beyond.

1% to StrikeX marketing
A marketing tax will provide the funds to implement a purposeful marketing strategy that consists of carefully targeted press, exchange listings to build our audience in the US and Asia, as well as product upgrades to support the community and our infrastructure.

0.5% to buy-back and burn
A buy-back tax will allow the team to purchase coins from the market and burn them, reducing the supply, and therefore increasing the demand and price of the StrikeX token.