Thank you for your donations!

On Wed 14th Apr at 10.25pm BST, we successfully smashed our $2000 Smart Contract Audit fund target – within 48 hours!

TradeStrike is community-driven, and so we feel it’s our duty to ensure that our community feels safe and reassured — and thanks to your kind help, we were able to raise $2000 for the Smart Contract Audit fund, all within 48 hours! The next steps are to pay the fees and get the Audit ball rolling, asap.

Solidity Finance is a smart contract auditing service, and through their audits, they are part of protecting over $700m in on-chain value across more than 150+ projects. We’re aiming to raise $2000 funding to be able to have them perform a comprehensive audit.

What’s Involved:
– Manual line-by-line code review
– Simulation of hundreds of thousands of interactions
– Consulting with a team to implement recommendations and highlight any risks

— The TradeStrike Team


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